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The complete Frame kit for a 2RAW Afterburner

NOT A FREESTYLE DRONE - Afterburner is designed for professional pilots who use their FPV drones for cinematic work, this drone is not designed around being crashed into concrete and coming out fine. The drone is designed around aerodynamics and balance. 

Key considerations before purchase;

- this is not a straight forward build, the build is complex and requires a good skill level of FPV drone building not for beginners!
- this is only compatible with DJI O3 or Caddx Walksnail, Will not work with DJI Vista or Dji OG Airunit

A build tutorial video will be availble.


Whats included,

8x Carbon Arms

4x Carbon Motor Top Plates

4x Carbon Motor Bottom Plates
1x Bottom Plate

1x Top Plate

2x Camera Plates

2x O3 camera prints

1x Gopro/GPS print

2x camera spacer prints

2x crossfire prints

1x Afterburner shell

20x M3 pressnuts

16x 6mm Countersunk M3 screws

12x 18mm Countersunk M3 screws 

6x 22mm Countersunk M3 screws

2x 30mm Countersunk M3 screws

4x 8mm M3 socket head screws

2x 8mm M3 button head screws

4x 12mm M3 button head screws

4x 8mm M3 button head screws

4x 8mm M1.6 screws
1x M5 25mm gopro screw

1x M5 bolt

8x 20mm HIPS Nylon Spacers

12x 10mm HIPS Nylone Spacers


All BnF Drones Ship with O3 + TBS crossfire.


Friday 17th June
  • First batch of shipping will ship out on the 17th June!

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