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Quick Release System

Top and Bottom quick release system to change batteries

Changeable voltage

Selectable voltage easily swap between 5/9/12v outputs

Gimbal Swap

Swap from gimble top mount to bottom mount in under 10 seconds

Camera Power options

3 XT30 output to power gimbals and cameras with combined 22A output

Optimised CoG

Adjustable Center of Gravity to cater for all  payloads


One the lightest 10inch 12s drones on the market, weighing just 2.5kg



Quick Release system

Alpharay boasts a unique quick release system, allowing the drones use on set to be unbelievably smooth.
With matching rails on the top and bottom that allow for plates to be mounted with batteries/gimbals/or cameras that can easily be swapped to a wide combination of different applications.

Triple XT30 12v 22A

With triple XT30 output at up to 22A's of power at 12v meaning plenty of power options for any camera such as RED KOMODO/ VRAPTOR/ FREE FLY EMBER and still ample juice left over for things such as transmissions and gimbals. 

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 19.31.48.png

Adjustable Center of Gravity

with adjustable mounting positions running the entire top length of the alpha ray allowing for a moveable Center of Gravity, enabling you to perfectly balance any payload from rain spinners to gimbals getting the very best efficiency and performance every time. 

Smooth & Stable Tune

All our Drone come with a next level tunes. Each tune is factory optimised for payload, components and external forces. 

Low Resonance

Our Lab does a lot of experimenting with different shapes and material. T700 Toray Twill weave Carbon Fibre means you are guaranteed to be getting the very best quality material.

Noise Plot

Image 31-01-2023 at 19.13.jpg
Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 19.24.59.png

*data gathered via a 20 second hover test using a 2kg dummy payload 

Part Details

All about the engineering

  • T700 Toray Twill Weave Carbon Fiber

  • 1 x Tmotor F7 Pro Flight Controller

  • 8 x Xnova 3215 430kv Motors

  • 8 x APD F120 ESC's

  • 2 x 500A APD PDB

  • 1 x KDE Shielded UBEC

  • 1 x Crossfire/ELRS/Ghost/Tracer

  • 1 x DJI AU/DJI O3

  • 2 x 63v 1800 Capacitors

  • 1 x Holybro M88Q GPS

  • 8 x MAS 10x9x3/HQ 10x5x3

  • 2 x True RC/Cherry Antenna

    *Drone Comes with 1 quick release battery/gimbal plate additional plates are recommended. 

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