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Aerospace  Aluminium 

7075 aluminium strongest Alloy for reducing payload resonances

Auxiliary Power

Dual XT30 12v 8a Power allows powering Even the most power hungry of payloads 


Optimised for minimal drag and intelligent cooling of Flight electronics

Star shape

Innovative, symmetrical Star shape for perfect balance and optimal flight performance

Truss Structure

vertical arms allow for lightweight while maintaining maximum strength 

Speed & Efficiency

12s 4 motor designed to maximise the power to weight ratio while minimising drag


Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 21.53.15.png

Aero Shell

 The aeroshell doesn't only make Startruss look unique  but was engineered with the help of PHD students to controls the airflow around the body and within the drone. Air comes in via the intakes to cool the ESC and is pushed out via rear exhausts. As the speed of the drone increases the aero shell acts as an air divider, preventing air from hitting the flat top plate. The shell also helps to prevent dirt from getting into the electronics

Advanced Truss Arms

Over several month the team experimented with various different arm designs made out of flat carbon. Several concepts and different truss structures were tested until we found the optimal arms. The star designed combine with the trusses ensure great stiffness while keeping the weight down delivering exceptional results.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 20.45.07.png
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 21.53.58.png

Innovative Camera Mount

Startruss' unique camera mount is unique to other mounts on the market, with 10-50degree viewing angles. The mount is formed from 7075 aero grade aluminium, raised up to remove props from view, but most importantly it is supported on both the horizontal and vertical axis to reduce payload resonances. As the camera angle increases for more speed so does the amount of support the mount provides.

12s - 4 Motors

With Startruss we wanted to create something efficient, agile, aerodynamic with a great top speed. Therefore we moved down from an X8 to x4, the saved motor weight to carry an extra battery. To compensate the lost thrust from the 4 bottom motors we moved to 12S with stronger motors and 11/10inch prop size. X4 drones create far less drag so can accelerate faster and maintain higher top speeds. They also are significantly more agile in the air.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 21.54.57.png

Smooth & Stable Tune

All our Drone come with a next level tunes. Each tune is factory optimised for payload, components and external forces. 

Lowest Resonance - Highest Performance

Our Lab does a lot of experimenting with different shapes and material. T700 Toray Twill weave Carbon Fibre means you are guaranteed to be getting the very best quality material.

Black Box Analysis

Image 09.03.23 at 21.28.jpg
Image 09.03.23 at 21.31.jpg
Image 09.03.23 at 21.32.jpg
Image 09.03.23 at 21.29.jpg
Image 09.03.23 at 21.31 (1).jpg
  • 6 minute flight

  • Full RED Komodo + Laowa 9mm

  • 2x 5200mah 6s Batteries 

  • DJI O3 Airunit

  • Tmotor F7 pro/ Aikon F7

  • Lumenier Elite Pro 100A 12s 4in1 ESC

  • Xnova 3220 490kv

  • Master Airscrew 11x10x3/10x9x3

  • Gemfan 10x5x3/ HQ 10x5x3

  • True RC Uf.l to SMA

  • True RC Antenna

  • Castle CC BEC 2.0 6a 12S

  • Crossfire Diversity

  • Immortal T

  • 1800uf 63v Capacitor

  • M10Q Matek GPS

  • XT30 Aux Power

  • XT90 Battery Power 

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 20.48.44.png

Part Details

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