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Cross Brace Design

Cross Brace Sandwich design minimises frame resonances

Integrated AS150

Integrated AS150 Cables meaning no loose wires

Camera Power

Dual XT30 12v 4A power outputs for Camera power  and Transmitter

Lightweight design

1550g fully built - making it one of the lightest 9 inch drones on the market 

Battery Quick Release

Battery quick release allows for rapid battery changes

Reversible DAC Cam Mount

4 screw allows you to reverse the camera mount quickly  for backwards shooting


Battery quick release

An integrated battery quick release system is located on the bottom of the drone, allowing for rapid seamless battery swaps allowing for more time in the air. 

Lightweight Design

Cross Braced design combined with carbon fiber cut outs using FEM analysis means airflow is maximised while maintain stiffness. A fully built drone weighs 1550g making it one of the lightest 9 inch drones available on the market.


Auxiliary power connectors

Integrated dual Xt30 (totalling 12v 4A) power connectors allow you to perfectly power your cameras and Transmitters.  as well as an integrated XT90 or AS150 on the rear means no loose cabling. 

Smooth & Stable Tune

All our Drone come with a next level in-house tune

Lowest Resonance

T700 Toray twill weave Carbon fibre used for the frame means you know you're getting the ultimate quality materials. 

Noise Plot 

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 22.46.37.png

***Data is a 4minute flight, Payload RED KOMODO + Laowa 14mm, with full stick movements.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 22.49.47.png
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 22.45.00.png

Part Details

All about the engineering


  • 1x Stingray Frame

  • 1x Dac universal camera mount + DAC/RS2 mounting plate

  • 2x Foxeer Reaper 65a ESC

  • 1x Tmotor F7 pro V2

  • 8x Xnova 2812 - 1100 kv

  • 1x XT90 or AS150

  • 1x Matek GPS or None

  • 1x XT30 12v camera power

  • 1x Crossfire/Ghost/Tracer/DJI

  • 1x DJI airunit or O3

  • 2x SMA Cherry antenna

  • 1x Polulu 50v 12v 4.5a bec (camera power)

  • 8x MAS 9x4.5x3 Props

  • 2x 50v 1000uf cap

  • 2x 50v 480uf cap

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