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Aerospace  Aluminium 

Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium strongest Alloy for reducing payload resonances

Auxiliary Power

 XT60 12v 10a (total) Power allows powering Even the most power hungry of gimble payloads 

Quick Release

Toad in the hole quick release system top and bottom for seamless battery and gimble changes

Star shape

Innovative, symmetrical Star shape for optimal flight performance and perfect balance

Truss Structure

vertical arms allow for lightweight while maintaining maximum strength and least resonance

Thrust and Power

12s X8 motor designed to maximise thrust while minimising footprint



Advanced Truss Arms

Over several month the team experimented with various different arm designs made out of flat carbon. Several concepts and different truss structures were tested until we found the optimal arms for this drone. The star designed combine with the trusses ensure great stiffness while keeping the weight down which delivered exceptional results.

Quick Release

The Queenbee features an advanced dual 7075 aluminium spacer design. this design is equipped with a quick release Freefly toad in the hole to allow for both fast battery and gimble changes while on set without any concern of props getting caught up in motor wires


Battery Tray

Queenbee features an innovative battery tray design which moves the cabling away from the drone. this allows you to easily manage battery cables without any safety concerns.

12s - X8 Motors

Queenbee is designed for maximum thrust with minimum footprint, it is the smallest footprint 13inch as well as the lowest resonance available on the market today, this allows it to have the highest performance of any gimble drone - allowing you to push the boundaries further, leaving the pilot with more confidence.


Smooth & Stable Tune

All our Drone come with a next level tunes. Each tune is factory optimised for payload, components and external forces. 

Lowest Resonance

Our Lab does a lot of experimenting with different shapes and material. T700 Toray Twill weave Carbon Fibre means you are guaranteed to be getting the very best quality material.

Noise Plot 

Image 11-03-2023 at 13.47.jpg

**2 minute flight with RS2 Pro + DJI Transmission + RED Komodo + Samyang 35mm

Part Details

All about the engineering

Parts List 

  • ​Queenbee T700 Carbon + Hardware

  • 2x Queenbee 7075 alu Red Spacers 

  • 1x Toad in the hole Quick Release Male

  • 1x Battery Tray with Toad in the hole female

  • 2x Lumenieer elite pro 4in1 12s ESC

  • 1x Tmotor F7 pro or Aikon F7 FC

  • 1x DJI O3 AU

  • 1x CC 2.0 12v 10A BEC

  • 8x Xnova X-Class motor

  • 1x Crossfire Diversity Receiver

  • 2x Immortal T Crossfire Antenna

  • 2x TrueRC SMA to u.fl adapters

  • 2x True RC antennas

  • 1x QS8 Connector

  • 8x MAS 13x11x3

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