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AlphaRay Complete Frame kit;
1x Top Plate

1x Bottom Plate

4x Arms

4x Arm Spacers
1x Bottom set of rails

1x Top set of rails

2x Quick releases mechanisms

2x Battery plate

2x Battery base plate

1x DAC mount

8x APD F120 TPU holders

1x Capacitor holders

1x GPS/xt30 holder

10x 20mm M3 Standoff aluminium
32x 6mm BH M3 screws

2x 30mm CS M3 screw
36x 10mm CS M3 screws

12x 18mm SH M3 screw

5x 30mm CS M4 screw
5x 28mm CS M4 screw

20x m3 locking nut

34x m3 pressnut

28x m4 pressnuts

2x M4 washer

**Please note electronics are not included - this kit only includes the carbon fiber, hardware and prints

AlphaRay Frame Kit

  • This is the complete Alpharay Build kit - it includes all the hardware required to create the ultimate 10 inch x8 12s frame for fpv! DXF's for addtional battery plates are available - STL's for prints are availble on request. 

    1st batch is expected to ship out on 18th of April. 

  • Shipping is worldwide via DHL Express. 

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